The dreams you have about summer tend to focus on hot and lazy days spent napping in a hammock, watching white clouds floating across the sky and sipping your favorite ice-cold microbrew.

Of course, you are a homeowner, so your summer dreams include repairing the sprinkler system, mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. For homeowners, summer isn’t all about doing the things you want and hanging out on the beach all weekend.

We hate to add to your summer workload, but there are some pretty important things around the house that you should be doing. If not, you could run into some expensive projects and repairs. You don’t want that.

Rocky Mountain Roofers and Gutters, your roof repair service in Fort Collins, offers mistakes homeowners make every summer.

Forgetting the Filter

You might remember to change out your HVAC filter in the winter, but many homeowners fail to do so in the summer. Your air conditioner works just as hard in the summer as your furnace does in the winter. Don’t make it work any harder because of a dirty filter.

Your HVAC filter should be checked at least once a month, even if you buy filters designed to last three months. Once a filter gets dirty, it needs to be replaced right away.

Ignoring Insects

Insects are an unavoidable fact of life and you will encounter them all summer long. And even though most insects are benign, others do pose a problem.

You have all heard horror stories about homeowners discovering huge wasp nests on their property or an infestation of ants or other insects in their kitchen. You can prevent such problems by being a little proactive. If you see one ant crawling through your kitchen, there is bound to be more, so call the exterminator right away.

Pavement Problems

How does your driveway look? If it is full of cracks, chips and is crumbling, then you might want to consider having it repaired. It is not impossible to have your driveway repaired in the winter, but it is easier and makes more sense to have it done in the summer.

Sad Siding

Your exterior siding is highly visible to your neighbors and those who drive by your house. Yet, it is something you largely ignore. Perhaps that is because you see it every day and are blind to its appearance.

Take a good look at the dirt, mold and tree sap that has accumulated on your siding. Perhaps you should take the time to have it cleaned and repaired.

Neglected Gutters

Do you remember the last time you pulled out the ladder and inspected your gutters? If it has been longer than six months, you need to check them again. Your gutters are probably full of dirt and other debris that was scattered around last winter, making it impossible for your gutters to properly function.

Experts on the subject recommend that you clean your gutters twice a year to ensure they work as they should. We tend to agree.

Overlooked Roof

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters in a long time, then you probably haven’t inspected your roof either.

Since you need to clean the gutters anyway, you may as well take the time to inspect the roof while you are up there. The winter was long and harsh and there could be damage that you are unaware of. Check for shingles that are cracked, torn missing or otherwise damaged.

If you aren’t sure what to look for, call your roofing service and they can help. If you do notice damage to your shingles, then give Rocky Mountain Roofers and Gutters a call.