I could not find a way to post this review, so please feel free to use it however you choose. And thank you for the wonderful job you did. This is the first new roof in my lifetime. Rocky Mountain Roofers did a great job. From the initial inspection through getting the estimate approved by my insurer to completion I could not ask for any better service. Everything was done on time as promised and done properly. The crew that did the removal of the old shingles and installed the new roof showed up every day one-half hour early and worked non-stop throughout the day. In the middle of the job, it was discovered that our roof would not pass current building codes so the insurer was contacted and the additional work approved, all without any stress in our direction. When the work was completed, all debris was picked up and hauled away leaving our property in as good of condition as it was before. I do not anticipate ever needing another roof but should it arise, I will call Rocky mountain Roofers. And if any friends or family find the need for roof work, I will give Rocky Mountain Roofers my wholehearted endorsement. I remain grateful that I chose a company that would walk me through the process with which I was totally unfamiliar.